2020 Day with the Lespy

Current mileage: 9,823 (15,808 kilometers)

Raccoon Alliance Breaks has acquired the only Upper Deck Allure Top 50 Joel L'esperance 1/1 hockey card. We are going to have a "Day with the Lespy" similar to the NHL "Day with the Cup" where our members will  take their best photo with it, then pass it on to the next person in line! You won't want to miss the adventures of this card this summer. Track it here and on Twitter. 


The Card that will make it's way around the world! Upper Deck Allure 
Top 50 Joel L'esperance 1/1. 


Starting location 7 June 2020, Woodbridge, Va. Raccoon Alliance Breaks Owner Will Seward has Joel oversee mailing of cards for the Raccoon Alliance Breaks members. After the cards were mailed, Lespy went under the pillow of Mr. Seward for a good nights sleep. 


Stop 2: June 17th 2020, The card traveled 57 miles to Culpepper, Va. Here @kartelcards (Krsis S) shows off his Lespy collection, with a lot of ALLURE that he's trying to complete as well! 


Stop 3: 11 July 2020. The card has traveled 324 miles! Joel's 1/1 card has made it down to North Carolina with Donnie S.  Donnie got tripped up in the 'Rona so the card was quarantined, Donnie was quarantined, all of NC was quarantined? Once quarantine was over, Donnie and Joel went to target to ... of course buy some more hockey cards!

Stop 4: 12 August 2020. The card has traveled 947 miles! Joel's 1/1 card has made it down I-95 to Tampa Bay, Florida! The card toured the Amelie Arena with Rob V, from the water. 


Stop 5: 15 August 2020. The card has traveled 981 miles. Joel's 1/1 card has made it's way deeper into Florida to visit Adam in New Port Richie. Adam and Joel spent the day playing NHL and of course scoring 3 goals late in the third, while short handed, all by himself! 

Stop 6: 25 August 2020. The card has traveled 2,344 miles. Joel's 1/1 card sent the day with David B in New Hampshire poolside sipping on some Bicardi Limon and taking in the warm air. Dave then took the card to a nice romantic dinner. 

Stop 7: 2 September 2020. The card has traveled 2,542 miles and ended up with Glenn G in Connecticut! Joel's 1/1 card went to work with Glenn G, then had some dinner and watched the NY Yankees play. Joel also fit in nicely to Glenn's office decor!

Stop 8: 11 September 2020. The card has traveled 3,769 miles and ended up with Dave Z in St. Paul, Minnesota. Joels 1/1 card and Dave went and visited the Herb Brooks statute on 4th and Washington just to the East of the Xcel Energy Center. Joel sat with Herb and believed in miracles!

 Stop 9: 17 September 2020. The card has traveled 4,590  miles and ended up with Nicole A in Columbus, Ohio. Joel and Nicole toured the Arboretum, and various locks throughout the city noting how supplies such as to-loaders and penny sleeves made their way into the city!

 Stop 10:  1 October 2020. At the completion of this journey the card has traveled 7,225 miles. Joel and the Allure 1/1 ended up in a rather unique journey on this stop. Going to Michigan hang out with Matt D, and then going across country back home to Oregon once the Oregonian wildfires had subsided. 


Stop 11: 16 October 2020: The Joel L'eperance card has now traveled 9,823 miles or 15,808 kilometers for our friends up north! Matt F took the card to the CN Tower, Hockey HOF, and visited with some of the Maple Leaf's biggest names in the game. Can you name them all?