The Raccoon Razz

Raccoon Razz
Hosted by Foxy, live every two weeks during Friday Raccoon Zooms
We will only Razz off Upper Deck Hockey On Card/Hard Signed Autographs
10 Spots per card
All Razzes will be launched on Friday Night Raccoon Zooms after the previous Razz has taken place.
During the first week of launch each person is limited to one spot per card
Starting at 9pm EST on the Friday in between Razzes all limits are off and people can buy as many spots as they wish to fill breaks
If by the Wednesday before the Razz (48 hours prior) there are still spots remaining, we will launch mini razzes to fill the remaining main spots.
All Razzes will be shown live during Friday night Raccoon Zooms at 10:30pm EST every two weeks. They will be recorded and posted on twitter to ensure authenticity and transparency.
All Razzes will be conducted on and the number of times the list is randomized will be determined by two dice rolls with a minimum number of 4, anything less will be re-rolled.
Raccoon Razz Roster #002
To buy into spots message Foxy on twitter @mattfoxall